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How far is Rumah Cantik from the airport ?  

2˝  - 3 hours in a car/minibus.

Are there many mosquitoes in Lovina?


No, not many and usually around sunset. All rooms have mosquito nets and are sprayed daily. .


How far are restaurants from Rumah Cantik?


There are many restaurants within walking distance and some further away, which offer a pick-up service. Though Lovina is relatively small, the choice is wide and covers everything from gourmet restaurants to small, local eateries, each with their own charm. Even some directly on the beach.  

Rumah Cantik does not have a restaurant as such, but we offer lighter meals and snacks, such as noodles, rice dishes and sandwiches.  Should you wish to sample real Indonesian cuisine, the girls will happily cook for you. This will be the “dish of the day” based on what is available of fresh food in the local market. With a bit more warning, we can arrange a real Balinese evening, with many small dishes for you to taste and enjoy.


Practically all restaurants serve fresh fish such as snapper, tuna and other local fish. Should you wish to eat at home, we offer “take-away” food from several good restaurants in Lovina, directly from the a la carte menu.


Does Rumah Cantik have a restaurant?


No, but we offer lighter meals and snacks, such as noodles, rice dishes and sandwiches throughout the day. We also arrange special meals at home, such as barbecue evenings or food delivered from restaurants in Lovina. A great way to taste the local delicacies.


Is there access to internet, fax and telephone?


Yes, there are many internet cafes and public phones close by. Furthermore there is excellent GSM coverage over the whole of Bali.